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 AntennaHdSydney now has a new market leading antenna with full HdTv!

This antenna is :

  • Specially designed to receive all available digital Hd and radio local programming in your area.

  • Compact, durable and unobtrusive design provides low visual impact (and ready to reject LTE/4G) .

  • UV resistant protective ABS plastic case ideal to withstand adverse climate conditions.

  • Suited for balconies, houses or buildings and even on campers .

  • BOSS-Tech technology provides highest electrical performance and optimised output levels.

  • Manufactured using only the highest quality  materials providing the best resistance to moisture, water, wind, extreme heat, rust etc.

AntennaHdSydney use ONLY QUALITY products. We use Australian And European Made Antennas. We give  warranty on our installs, and we are confident in our chosen products and hardware!

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